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ASG Alumni Spotlight: Amy Wahl Dalbo

June 8, 2016 by admin

We continue our ASG Alumni Spotlight series, featuring former gymnasts and coaches who have all left their own little mark on ASG. It’s a fun way for current families to see the rich history of Atlanta School of Gymnastics and for alumni to catch back up with those friends (and coaches) they grew up making memories with. We have had a great response to those wanting to participate so hope you enjoy!

Today’s ASG Alumni spotlight is on former ASG gymnast, Amy Wahl Dalbo:

When did you attend ASG?

1983 – 1992

Did you pursue gymnastics following your time at ASG? If yes, where did you continue your gymnastics career?

Yes – Full scholarship to Auburn

What is your current occupation?


What are your favorite memories from ASG?

Tom & his Quicksilver shirts/shorts, Adam & Leah arguing over floor workout, breaking into ASG late nights with boys team, dance classes or skipping of dance class, all of my sister-teammates & all the fun we had & for trouble we got into

What lessons have you taken away from the sport of gymnastics?

Never give up!

What are your current hobbies and interests?

Love hiking, rock climbing, going to concerts & college football games & love hanging on the beach

Please tell us some interesting or fun things about yourself.
  • Live in NYC now
  • About to get a sugar glider 
  • I love to rescue animals

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