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ASG Alumni Spotlight: Andrea Tucker Reeves

May 12, 2016 by admin

We continue our ASG Alumni Spotlight series, featuring former gymnasts and coaches who have all left their own little mark on ASG. It’s a fun way for current families to see the rich history of Atlanta School of Gymnastics and for alumni to catch back up with those friends (and coaches) they grew up making memories with. We have had a great response to those wanting to participate so hope you enjoy!

Today’s ASG Alumni spotlight is on former ASG gymnast, Andrea Tucker Reeves:

When did you attend ASG?


Did you pursue gymnastics following your time at ASG? If yes, where did you continue your gymnastics career?

Yes – United States Air Force Academy

What post-ASG accomplishments or highlights, gymnastics-related or not, are you most proud of?

Earning a congressional nomination to attend USAFA; Completing a BS, MS and EdS degree and ready to begin a PhD

What is your current occupation?

Middle Grades Special Education Lead Teacher

What are your favorite memories from ASG?

Awesome coaches – Tom Cook; Delene Darst; Phillip Ogletree; Traveling with teammates and having a family relationship with teammates; Early morning summer practices and wearing funky socks (LOL); Playing basketball with Phil for conditioning; Friendships and support

What lessons have you taken away from the sport of gymnastics?

Discipline and drive that I learned during my gymnastics career at ASG has lead me to be the best teacher I can be and to never quit. I always strive for the best and to give my best for those around me. The sport of gymnastics taught me those and many more lessons throughout the years.

What are your current hobbies and interests?

Snowboarding; Coaching gymnastics; Teaching; Raising my boys in sports; Being a mom 🙂

Please tell us some interesting or fun things about yourself.
  • I LOVE to snowboard, although in south Georgia we never get snow.
  • I am passionate about my job and love the highs and lows that come with such a challenging career!!
  • I enjoy playing sports with my two boys and hope that they learn the same valuable lessons I did growing up in athletics.2016 - ASG Andrea Tucker2






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