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Special Needs Director


Facts about Gymnastics for Every Body!

Develops Coordination and Balance

Improves Gross Motor Skills

Teaches Proper Posture & Balance

Develops Flexibility & Stamina

Increases Strength and Power

Instills Confidence and a Belief in Self

Expands Movement Tolerance

Exercises Skill for Listening and Following directions

Stimulates the Vestibular, Proprioception and Lymph Systems

Promotes Goal-setting

Provides the Foundation for Fitness & Movement for Life and Learning
Above all…..  GYMNASTICS is FUN!

We have at our disposal a full gymnastics facility complete with:  Trampolines, Bars, Rings, Balance Beams, Rope, Ladders, a huge Foam Pit and more.  The curriculum endeavors to build both the body and mind of each child and revolves around creative gross motor movement and planning, sensory integration, strengthening, flexibility, kinesthetic awareness all in a fun, friendly environment.
Session activities are adjusted to suit each child’s particular needs and will involve some or all of the following: Rebounding, Swinging, Climbing, Rolling, Jumping, Running, Stretching, Spinning, etc.
Gymnastics and creative movement activities strengthen, engage, stimulate, activate and energize the brain and bodily systems necessary for attention, performance, cognition and communication.

Amy Finkel is the director of our special needs programs.  Ms. Amy has over twenty years of teaching experience with 1000’s of children, typical and special.  She holds a degree in Psychology from Emory University and is an Internationally Certified Special Olympics Coach, a Hero for Autism, a founding member of Movement Matters Int’l., a USA Gymnastics Federation Accredited Kinder teacher, and a certified children’s yoga instructor.
Ms. Amy offers private, semi-private, & small group lessons to parents wishing this wonderfully therapeutic experience for their child.

Please contact Amy to set up an evaluation session.

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